Cleveland High School's SkillsUSA
Region 3 Chapter 304
Reseda, California 91335
Theme of the year:

Step-up to Success
Designed by: Ceara McCrary

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What is SkillsUSA-VICA? Welcome to Cleveland High School. Home of the Cavaliers, but more so, Home of SkillsUSA Chapter 304 Region 3.

So the question was asked...WHAT IS SKILLSUSA-VICA?

SkillsUSA-VICA is a high school, Community College and Vocational organization that brings the young leaders of the world into a working enviornment while still in school. In a day in age where you have to have a high school diploma in order to work at McDonalds...SkillsUSA-VICA gives teenagers the opportunity to compete in an area of interest while mastering there skills for the future. Competitions are wide. Areas of Construction, to public speaking, Food Prep to Cosmetology. Architecture being one of the popular ones in the Drafting Room.

We want to welcome all people, both members and non members to browse our site and find out what Cleveland High Schools Chapter is about.

Clevelands SkillsUSA-VICA chapter does not just compete...we do community service, Social Events with other local High Schools, Fundraising, Business Industry Relations, Public Speaking and Job Shadowing programs. Cleveland's Drafting Department is not just Drafting or Architecture. Its a REAL WORLD experience while still in high school. Its something that all Cavaliers should experience.

Anyways...Please feel free to sign the guestbook or email if you have any questions. I hope you enjoy and have a good day.
Chapter officers for 2002-2003

Ceara McCrary
Nichole Cordova
Adrien Bland
Gaile Parker
Jonathan Pollack

Region 3 Secondary State Officer:
Ceara McCrary
Senior (12th Grade)
Grover Cleveland HIgh School
A new Beggining
Cleveland High School ALWAYS succeeds. Its our motto. Live well, work hard, never give up, never give in, always try.

Be yourself and never stop living.

Chapters within Region 3

300-Alhambra High School
301-Bell Gardens High School
302-Buena High School
303-Camarillo High School
304-Cleveland High School
305-East Los Angeles Occupational Center
306-El Camino Real High School
307-El Rancho High School
308-Abraham Friedman Occupational Center
309-Grant High School
310-Harbor Occupational Center
311-Los Angeles Trade Tech
312-Mark Keppel High School
313-Marshall High School
314-Monrovia High School
315-Montabello High School
316-Mt. San Antonio College
317-North Hollywood High
318-Orange Coast College
319-Oxnard High School
320-Paramount High School
321-Rio Hondo College
322-San Gabriel High School
323-Schurr High School
324-San Fernando High School
325-Southern California ROC
326-Ventura College
327-Woodrow Wilson High School
328-Belmont High School
329-Carpenteria High School
330-Granada High School
331-North Valley Occupational Center
332-Ventura High School
333-West Valley Occupational Center
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