Cleveland or VICA oriented Websites
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Cleveland is providing other sites which may be useful when needing more information about our chapter or the SkillsUSA Organization.

The following websites are listed as below.

Chrysler Build Your Dream Vehicle Competition: Cleveland High
The 2001-2002 Chrysler Team presents their concept car called the "Cerberus" in which detailed explanations of the Marketing, ergonomics, safety and utilities and the concept itself will be presented.

National Official SkillsUSA Website
This is the National SkillsUSA Official Website in which you can find any of the following: Job Applications, Registration Forms and Competition Areas.

This is the California SkillsUSA website. Here you will find out where all local events are held and State Competition events.

2002 State Competition Agenda: Riverside, California.
April 11th through the 14th, 2002.

National SkillsUSA Winners

Midwest Trophy is SkillsUSA Supplier for all Regional, State and National needs. They offer an assortment of SkillsUSA necessities such as: Blazers, trophies, medals, clothing, etc.

Region 6 SkillsUSA Website
Team USA: World Skills Competition
7 High School and College students go to Skills Competition. Check out Photogrpahs and information of the event.